The Newspaper MAKEDONIA Is Back With Us

The Newspaper MAKEDONIA Is Back With Us

The historical newspaper MAKEDONIA is again since the 9th of September in kiosks and in Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm we feel very happy to support its success as Legal Advisors.

With the comprehensive legal support of Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm, the historical newspaper of Thessaloniki (and Northern Greece) is back in the kiosks, while its online version has been already … released (since 3 September). As Stavros Koumentakis, Senior Partner, characteristically said, “The dream came true. Thanks to innovative partnerships, innovative planning and tireless efforts. In “Koumentakis & Associates” we feel a special honor that the participants have trusted us with the legal dimension of the whole project and, above all, we are proud that we have provided our small contribution to the realization of the dream. Wishing “BEST OF LUCK”, let’s enjoy the amazing journey together …”.


The project

εφημεριδα μακεδονια ιστορικη αξιοπιστη

The efforts to re-issue the newspaper MAKEDONIA began almost immediately after its suspension. A team of 24 employees with vision and plan moved quickly. They decided that there was a need for a scheme that would not be based on self-managed practices or on classic investment. The ideal scheme would make the most of the employees of “MAKEDONIKI” but would be financed by businessmen.

Employees ensured the right to use the titles of the two newspapers in Thessaloniki in exchange for a portion of the accrued that the company owed to its employees. They then created a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) and finally sought funding. In order to re-issue the newspaper MAKEDONIA, it was necessary to engage with entrepreneurs doing business in the area of ​​Northern Greece. In the context of building this partnership, a fully-fledged business plan was created that guarantees the viability and prospect of the venture. It is worth noting that the profits of SCE will be distributed in the following way: 33% for employees, 33% for reinvestment for development activities in the same context (e.g. publication of pullouts) and 33% as a reserve for further growth.


The Stakeholders

“None of the twenty entrepreneurs involved in the project expect profit or other economic benefits. The multiplicity of the project combined with the quality of the entrepreneurs and the journalists involved in it guarantee the validity of the information” says Vassilis Takas, industrialist and chairman of the new publishing company’s Board of Directors.

Such an innovative publishing model requires an overcoming of the rigidities of the past. “We want to overcome the old stereotypes about “bad bosses”. Entrepreneurs, for their part, have to avoid a speculative logic and stop fearing of the wage costs”, says Michalis Alexandridis, publisher and director of the publishing project. “I think that we are all in the same vein, and that, will benefit the city and the media. We are all committed to abstain from practices that have been established and still plague the country, such as nepotism, bribery and corruption. We believe that the new media will respect their heavy names, their history and their ties with the Thessalonians and the Northern Greeks in general”.

The 11-member board of the company that will issue the newspaper MAKEDONIA and will be responsible for the operation of was formed as follows: Vassilis Takas President. Michalis Alexandridis executive vice president – publisher – publishing director. Hasdai Kapon vice president. Leonidas Fakas Vice-President. Panagiotis Alexandridis Managing Director. Members: Yiannis Masoutis President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki (TCCI). Thanasis Savvakis President of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece. George Konstantopoulos, President of Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece. Giorgos Bikas President of Imathia Chamber of Commerce. Panayiotis Menexopoulos Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki (TCCI). Stavros Koumentakis lawyer – legal advisor of the company.

Statement by Stavros Koumentakis In the Newspaper

δηλωση σταυρου κουμεντακη στην εφημερίδα μακεδονια

“From early on I believed in the project of re-publishing the historical newspaper of our city, and that not for emotional reasons. The certain needs of our city, the breadth of the shareholders structure, the severity of the investors-shareholders, the inability to promote personal or party strategies, the technocratic approach of the stakeholders and, above all, the brilliant journalistic group and its dynamics are the necessary, adequate and capable elements for success. We are happy about the first edition, confident of the result and proud to contribute aligned behind the press team, fulfilling a debt to the city. I take it for granted that also the Thessalonians will embrace the effort with equal fervor.”

The Historical Newspaper MAKEDONIA

The newspaper MAKEDONIA is the oldest political newspaper in Northern Greece. It was founded in 1911 (its first edition was published on July 10, 1911 – with the new calendar on July 23, 1911) by the publisher Konstantinos Velidis. After his death (1936) his son, John Vellidis, took over. After the death of the latter (1978), his wife, Anna Vellidi, took over and from 1980 her daughter Katerina Vellidi. In the summer of 1996, the newspaper was closed down because of indebtedness, to be then re-released in early 1998 by its new owner, businessman Yannis Raptopoulos. The newspaper suspended its issue in October 2017 and was re-released on September 9, 2018.

In the head of the newspaper, succeeding Konstantinos Dimadis, a historical figure for the family of journalists, who served as editor-in-chief and director of the newspaper for 62 years (1931 to 1993), were also the journalists, Nikos Vourgountzis, Giannis Nikolopoulos, Lazaros Chatzinakos, and many others . Dimitris Chourmousios, Dimitris Psathas, Kostis Palamas, Stratis Myrivilis, Georgios Vafopoulos, Archelaos and others were among the newspaper’s associates in the past.

The leads of the newspaper include the introduction of an early form of monotonic system, many years before its establishment as the official written usage of the Greek language as well as the fact that it was the first Greek newspaper to be published online.



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