Our fundamental Values

We have identified and we integrate across our company the key elements that make up our unique DNA. These values unite us, differentiate and motivate us.

Exceeding customer expectations
We are committed to help our customers achieve their goals by providing legal advices of the highest quality, which consistently exceed their expectations.

Local excellence, international standards
We ensure that our customers can be benefited, by combining the highest international business and legal standards with the local excellence of service and maintaining the depth, quality and scale of resources needed to meet their needs whenever and wherever they arise .

Investing in talent
To deliver our commitment to our customers, we work with the best and systematically invest in attracting talented professionals who share the same philosophy for excellent customer service.

Flexible and adaptable team
We believe in the power of collaboration, collectivity and teamwork, and we have an open and accessible operating style, which highlights the flexibility and facilitates creativity.

Looking to the future
To be at the forefront of the legal profession we are based on insight, desire to share ideas and willingness to highlight important issues. We want to make progress by challenging existing thinking and by moving the boundaries.

Strength through diversity
We are proud of our company and we appreciate the diversity of people and the different concepts within it. In our company, we want the success of each one according to their talents, dreams and aspirations.

Our strength comes from our approach and a strong team ethos in partnerships. We enhance our ability to provide excellent customer service and we create a working environment where talented people can succeed. We are ambitious for our customers and ourselves, but we understand the importance of returning to society.

Nikis Avenue & 1, Morgenthau st., 54622 Thessaloniki
(+30) 2310 27 80 84

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