Since our founding, almost thirty years before, customers prefer our services for any legal issue of concern to them, even if it is beyond the scope of the legal services that we usually offer. Although our team is focused on supporting and assisting the development of entrepreneurship, we provide our customers every possible professional support to settle and finally address the legal issues that concern them.

Here, in KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES we have established and maintained at all levels of our activity the THEMIS model: Teamwork, Harmony, Excellence, Mastery, Inspiration, Success. This operational framework gives the pace of each day, leads each step and feeds our way of thinking and operating.


Advanced Legal Services

Our services cover comprehensively your fundamental business needs for the protection of your investment, the enhancement of your activities and the growth for the future. In this context we offer services customised to the requirements of each enterprise, based on our THEMIS model, which reflects our fundamental principles and our philosophy.

We act as your Strategic Legal Partner working with the top management or the legal departments of major companies to deliver legal strategy, risk and compliance control, corporate expansion and more. Through our Advanced Legal Services we offer a new flexible model of cooperation by providing the legal knowledge and the experience of a powerful law firm to demonstrate real benefits to their businesses.

Our team of Consultants backed by experts of other expertise areas – when necessary – has a wealth of experience on advising leading corporates, funds, financial institutions, banks and other companies on a full range of transactions. We provide superior service to shareholders and top management of medium and large scale enterprises. It is not just legal advice we provide. It is significant practical advice and creative solutions to your challenges.

Legal Services

Our services cover comprehensively your legal needs in important sectors of the economy and in critical areas of expertise. With offices in Thessaloniki, strong presence in Athens and close relationships with experts in areas where we do not have offices, we provide legal services in practice areas such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Labor law, crisis management and in sectors such as Industry, Trade, Tourism, Education & Certification, Energy.

The manufacturing sector, the industrial and business services are vital to the economies. Our team is aware of the critical issues of the industry and how to convert them to legal protection, providing full support to this sector of the economy.
The commercial sector is going through times of critical challenges. Businesses must be more innovative than ever, as ethical and environmental issues adds more pressure. Our team has broad experience to support you in achieving your goals.
The Banking and Financial sector remains the driving force of the global economy. KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES is a strong legal team with extensive experience as consultants in the financial sector offering comprehensive and high quality services.
After a period of recession, the tourism returned to the top position of the economy and sizeable investments are implemented. Our team has broad experience to support your business, whether it is a one accomodation or a hotel chain.
The education sector, whether it is higher education, training, schools, or colleges and certification faces more changes than ever. KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES leverages extensive expertise in the industry to offer comprehensive legal coverage.
We have developed a particular extensive knowledge and experience in the Real estate sector. Our ability to bring in highly competent colleagues mean you can rely on us to help you execute complex and innovative transactions.


Let’s work together

We are a strong team in which, each of us and all together we try to exceed the expectations of our customers,
by providing high quality legal advices, which combine our legal knowledge
with our experience in international and national entrepreneurship.


Managing Partner

A structural component in our operation is Teamwork. The team spirit governs the way of thinking and the way we work together.
In KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES we are an orchestra!


For us it is something beyond the quantitative or competitive dimension usually given to the word. We want to be Excellent in everything we do and to offer the highest quality of Service.

Senior Associate

Inspiration. Inspiration, imagination and creativity are concepts that exist inside us. These are the components, which are combined with the Experience and the Knowledge and differentiate our offer providing considerable successes.

Senior Associate

Integrity. Integrity is part of our DNA and one of the key pillars of our success. Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. Integrity defines the way in which we work, do our business and cooperate.

Senior Associate

Success. The positive outcome of our cases is only one side of success. The other side is the satisfaction of our customers. In KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES we build trust and we maintain long-term relationships and partnerships.

Senior Associate

Harmony. It characterizes every thought and action. It means agreement, mortise, symmetry, eurhythmy. We returned to the root of the word and we found its primary meaning: Virtue!


Relationships. We build honest and long-term relationships with our clients. This is at the core of our philosophy and govern, both our corporate operation at all levels, and the working methods of each team member.



Knowledge. We combine the legal knowledge with knowledge, which stems from our extensive experience, in order to provide high quality services to local, regional and international level.

Junior Associate

Innovation. We always look forward. We transfer knowledge from the international field and we work with passion to provide to our clients innovative legal services that will support their efforts for development.

Junior Associate

Quality. Quality is present at all levels of our operation. It is the way we think, the way we behave and the way we have designed and we deliver our Services. Because what we seek is Beyond Legal Services!

Of Counsel Attorney

We believe that the best teams are created through the composition and acceptance of diversity of each member
and that people thrive in an environment where they can achieve the development of their careers.
We focus on inclusivity, development and prosperity
and this enables us to offer the best advice to our customers,
and allows us to attract, retain and develop the highest quality executives.













Κoumentakis & Associates: Your Strategic Legal Partner.


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