Corporate Video

Long experience, Philosophy, People, Partners, Services and our vision for the future! All in a video! Happily… a picture is thousand words!!


In KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES we have established and follow THEMIS Model at all levels of our business: Teamwork, Harmony, Excellence, Mastery, Inspiration, Success. It is this operation framework that provides the rythm of every day, drive every step and feeds our way of thinking in order to offer services Beyond Legal Services.


koumentakis-kai-synergates-video-strategic-legal-partnerBeyond Legal Services

We are working as your Strategic Partner to provide legal strategy, risk and compliance management, corporate development, offering a new flexible co-operation model providing the legal expertise and experience of a strong law firm.


koumentakis-kai-synergates-video-a-strong-teamA strong team with common vision for the future and strong values.


koumentakis-kai-synergates-video-your-legal-partnerYour Strategic Legal Partner

Our services fully integrate enterprises’ basic needs for investment protection, business growth and growth for the future. Whatever the field of activity is, we cover all needs, in key sectors of the economy and critical areas of expertise.

Based in Thessaloniki with a strong presence in Athens and close relationships with specialists in areas where we have no offices, we provide legal services in areas of expertise such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Labor Law, Crisis Management and in areas like Industry, Commerce, Tourism, Education & Certification, Energy. KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES handles a large number of cases in areas such as Industry, Commerce, Tourism, Education & Certification, Banks & Investments, Real Estate while it stands as a Strategic Consultant and Associate.