Digital Employability: Two Years of Offer!

Digital Employability: Two Years of Offer!

 The Alliance for Digital Employability (AFDEmp) has recently celebrated the anniversary of the two-year offer to young and unemployed people; KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES participates in this Alliance by offering Legal Support. To date, more than 200 unemployed graduates have been recruited and are now working as Developers!

Two Years Of Offer To Young And Unemployed People

The Alliance for Digital Employability is being implemented with the Vision of reducing unemployment in Greece through the creation of new jobs in the IT sector. The actions of the initiative aim to (a) accelerate the training of candidates in high-quality digital skills, (b) certify the skills they have acquired, and (c) the absorption of the candidates by the labor market.

Today, through Alliance For Digital Employability (AFDEmp) actions, more than 200 unemployed graduates have been re-qualified. People with a different educational background (from mathematicians and physicians to theologists and nurses) have gained access to IT knowledge that is in high demand and have already been hired as well-paid developers in major Greek companies participating in the program.


The Contribution of KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm

KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm participated from the very beginning and continues to provide full legal support to this important for our country initiative. The two-year anniversary event was attended by Stavros Koumentakis, Senior Partner and by Lambros Timotheou, Partner of the firm.

In his statement, Stavros Koumentakis said “We fully identify the Vision of the Alliance For Digital Employability (AFDEmp). Improving the capabilities of human resources and acquiring modern knowledge as a means to improve employability form one of the pillars of our Social Solidarity Program. In KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm we believe in Lifelong Learning and we are committed to supporting all those who create access to it. I warmly congratulate Mr. Byron Nicolaides, President of the BoD of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) for his tireless efforts in recent years to help reduce the digital divide and thereby reduce unemployment. I also thank Mrs. Eleni Nicolaides, Head of Action and founding member of AFDEmp, who gives us the opportunity to contribute in practice to the implementation of the actions and the achievement of the objectives of this initiative”. 


The Alliance for Digital Employability

AFDEmp is a voluntary initiative of the President of the BoD of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), Mr. Byron Nicolaides, of the distinguished academics of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Mr. Giorgos Doukidis, Mr. Diomidis Spinellis, Mrs. Katerina Pramatari, Mr. Panos Louridas, of the President of HePIS, Mr. Nikos Faldamis, of the Director of HePIS, Mrs. Eleni Nicolaides, along with the participation of more than 200 companies and business entities.

The objective of AFDEmp is to help tackle unemployment while at the same time help also all those who want to change their career through their rapid training in high-quality digital skills. The idea for the initiative was born out of a special study conducted – under the aegis of CEPIS – by the Athens University of Economics and Business, ALBA and HePIS. According to the findings of the study, youth unemployment as well as the gap between supply and demand for technological skills can be addressed through re-training.


“The Private Initiative To Help Tackle Unemployment”

This was the central message of Mr. Byron Nicolaides, President of the BoD of the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) and Head of PeopleCert Group, worldwide, who stated, among other things, “A European need, a Greek opportunity took shape thanks to the alliance of the European Informatics, their Greek colleagues, of academics and of the most important Greek companies. It is now necessary for a company to be able to manage and make full use of the tools offered by new technologies. In this context, we, through AFDEmp, train young professionals by encouraging them to broaden their professional horizons. I am sincerely proud of what we have done together so far. I think that, we, as a private initiative, are laying another brick to shape the next day in the country by tackling the phenomenon of unemployment “.

HePIS President Mr. Nikos Faldamis said that through AFDEmp an institution has been created that overturns the existing path and turns digital skills into a major opportunity for growth and employment of the new workforce”. Mr. George Doukidis, Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business, pointed out that such initiatives contribute to: (a) encouraging young people to dare change their professional field by moving to modern fields such as Information Technology and Programming; and (b) encouraging companies to invest in the new generation by employing people who have acquired the appropriate knowledge.


The Event And The Awards

The Alliance for Digital Employability (AFDEmp) event was attended by more than 150 representatives of the most important companies in Greece and of the most promising in the fields of Information Technology and Technology. AFDEmp honored the collaborating companies, as a practical acknowledgment of their contribution to this effort, while the event was honored by their presence: the President of GRNET (National Network of Research and Technology) and Professor of the National Technical University of Athens Mr. Panagiotis Tsanakas, the President of the Hellenic Company Logistics Mr. Nikos Rodopoulos, the President of GRECA Mrs. Katerina Fredaki, the General Manager  of HAMAC Mr. Yannis Giannarakis,  the General Secretary of CIO Forum Mr. Michalis Moraitis, and others.

The 32 companies that has been awarded at the event are: Accenture, ATCOM, CANDI, Cognity, Connectline, Cosmos Business Systems, Data Communication, Epsilon Net, Eurobank, EY, Generation Y, iKnowHow, Intralot, INTRASOFT International , iteam,  JR Technologies, Mellon Group of Companies, Novibet, Omilia, PeopleCert, Printec, Prisma Electronics, Profile Software, Programize, QIVOS, Retail Link, SIEBEN, SingularLogic, SoftOne Technologies, Ulysses Systems, Uni Systems, Upstream.


To Conclude

The effort continues. The courses of Coding Bootcamp 6 begin on October 1, 2018.



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