Workshop on the New Law on the SAs At the Money Show 2019

Workshop on the New Law on the SAs At the Money Show 2019

 On Saturday, April 13th, at the Hyatt Hotel, within the framework of the 30th Money Show 2019, a workshop on “Family Businesses in the New Business Environment” was held. The event was co-organized by Capital Markets Experts, the Institute of the Association of Greek Financial Managers (SEODI) and the law firm of KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES.

In a packed room, those interested had the opportunity to listen to speeches on three different axes. More specifically, the President of SEODI referred to the role of the Ecumenical Director as part of a family business, Mr. Vasilios Margaris, founder and chief executive of Capital Markets Experts, referred to the necessity of entering a family business on the Stock Exchange, while Mr. Stavros Koumentakis, Senior Partner of KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm briefly presented the new Law on Sociétés Anonymes and referred to its application in family businesses.

Stavros Koumentakis highlighted the multiple business opportunities that the changes brought by the new Law on Sociétés Anonymes are making and noted that Law 4548/2018, which has already begun to be implemented, offers many benefits that we need to focus on. In the relevant DECALOGUE, Mr. Koumentakis stressed that the new Law on Sociétés Anonymes offers options for:
(1) Quick and economic start;
(2) Attracting & retaining executives;
(3) Cost reduction;
(4) Attracting investment funds;
(5) Various ways of raising liquidity;
(6) For managing small shareholders;
(7) Exploiting technology;
(8) The preparation of succession
(9) Protection of investment and
(10) Protection of persons.

As Mr. Koumentakis characteristically mentioned: “The new law is an important opportunity to get to know the operation of our Société Anonyme. With proper guidance and implementation of the new law, we can ensure better protection for founders, shareholders and the investment, redesign on the right bases and reduce operating costs. We can also attract new people and maintain the most capable executives, create the conditions for access to “cheap” funds and use modern technology, and finally, we can better prepare for the next day of our business”.

In the relevant presentation and video briefing, the most important of the changes were briefly described and a special emphasis was placed on the need to inform entrepreneurs who need to understand the new law and ensure that this knowledge exists among executives and close associates. Lastly, the urgent need for immediate adaptation of the articles of association has been highlighted not only as compliance with the new law but, in particular, to meet the needs of each entrepreneur and each company to adequately meet present and future requirements – particularly those relating to their safe development course.



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