Presentation of Law 4548/2018 to ARTION Group

Presentation of Law 4548/2018 to ARTION Group

The new law on Sociétés Anonymes is a new opportunity for businesses and not yet another headache. This was the conclusion of the presentation by Mr. Stavros Koumentakis, Senior Partner of KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm, titled: “Enlightening the New Law on Sociétés Anonymes (L.4548 / 2018), which took place at the headquarters of ARTION Group.


Law 4548/2018 For Businesses

In his speech, Mr. Koumentakis presented the general framework of the new Law on Sociétés Anonymes, the differences that exist in relation to the older ones and had the opportunity to make a detailed presentation of all the law and not only of its basic regulations. Through the interactive and creative exchange of views, it was possible to enlighten individual aspects of the entire law. There was also highlighted the need for the immediate adaptation of the articles of association of the sociétés anonymes to the provisions of the new law as well as the “tailor made” exploitation, for each one, of the law’s particular options and regulations.

Mr. Koumentakis’ suggestion’s objectives were among other:

  • reporting and, where appropriate, deepening into individual regulations of the new law
  • making use of the law’s options on behalf of the businesses on its own aspects, such as:
  • reducing their operating costs
  • attracting investors and investment funds
  • exploiting technology
  • attracting and retaining competent, senior-level, executives
  • protecting the clients of the Law Firm against their “internal and external enemies”.
  • the potential, necessary and beneficial regulations of the SAs’ articles of association, where applicable, the provisions of which must, individually and directly, be adapted
  • small, non- publicly releasable secrets on individual critical issues

The presentation was attended by the main shareholders, the senior management and executive staff of ARTION Group.



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