Seminar At the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry On the New Law on the SAs

Seminar At the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry On the New Law on the SAs

Within the framework of the presentations and informative meetings organized by KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM, a seminar was held at the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry on the needs as well as on the opportunities created for the entrepreneur regarding the regulations of the new Law on Sociétés Anonymes.

With the participation of representatives from the PCCI and the co-organizers associations and federations (Association of Industries of Attica and Piraeus, Piraeus Trade Association, Pan-Hellenic Association of ship and exporter suppliers and Association of Piraeus Commercial Representatives and Distributors) Stavros Koumentakis, Senior Partner of the firm, enlightened the multiple business opportunities that constitute the changes brought by the new law on the SAs.

As Mr. Koumentakis characteristically mentioned: “The new law is an important opportunity to become better aware of the operation of our Société Anonyme, to ensure the better protection for founders, shareholders and for the investment, to redesign on the right bases and to limit the operating costs, to attract new and to retain the most capable executives, to create the conditions for access to cheap capital, to make use of modern technology, and finally to prepare the next day of our business”.

In the informative video presented as an introduction to the Seminar (you can see it below) the most important of the changes were briefly outlined, while the in the presentation that followed there were analyzed in depth the most important axes of Law 4548/2018. Particular emphasis was given on the need to inform entrepreneurs who need to understand the new law and ensure that this knowledge is available to their executives and to their close associates. Lastly, the urgent need for immediate adaptation of the articles of Association has been highlighted not only in compliance with the new law but, in particular, to meet the needs of each entrepreneur and each undertaking to adequately meet present and future requirements – particularly those relating to their safe growth course.

At the event, besides Mr. Koumentakis, also participated with a presentation on the economic and tax issues of the new law, Mr. Panayiotis Papaspyrou, economist, Chairman of the Board of Directors. & Managing Director of “Financial Management Consultants S.A.”

Mr. Koumentakis and the team of the Legal Advisors of KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES Law Firm continues to respond, as far as possible, to requests for relevant workshops and seminars throughout Greece. Next stop: The Money Show in Thessaloniki.



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