Presentation of the New Law on SAs to ZIA Insurance

Presentation of the New Law on SAs to ZIA Insurance

 Presentation of the New Law on SAs to ZIA Insurance – Business and Board members insurance coverage

It is a fact that the new Law on Societes Anonymes is an important opportunity for enterprises that should not be lost.

It is also a fact that the new law extends the responsibility and report of the members of the Board of Directors in terms of civil, criminal and administrative sanctions. This may be a potentially serious problem if there are no corresponding provisions and insurance coverage. The presentation of Mr. Stavros Koumentakis on the specific law to ZIA Insurance was an opportunity for a broad exchange of views on the specific, extremely important (for enterprises, businessmen and board members) aspects. An exchange of views also took place on the level of potential insurance coverage for individual complex products created on the basis of the new law.


In his speech, Mr. Koumentakis presented the general framework of the new Law on Sociétés Anonymes, the differences that exist in relation to the older ones and was extensively mentioned:

  • deepening into individual regulations of the new law
  • making use of the law’s options on behalf of the businesses on its own aspects, such as:
    • reducing their operating costs
    • attracting investors and investment funds
    • exploiting technology
    • attracting and retaining competent, senior-level, executives
  • protecting the clients of the Law Firm against their “internal and external enemies”.
  • the potential, necessary and beneficial regulations of the SAs’ articles of association, where applicable, the provisions of which must, individually and directly, be adapted


The presentation was attended by the senior management of ZIA Insurance



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