“My Education” At The Finals!

“My Education” At The Finals!

 Group of students of Mandoulides School qualified for the “Best Virtual Business 2017” competition.

After their successful participation in Thessaloniki Trade Fair 2017 JA Greece and the presentation of an integrated Business Plan of the company “My Education”, which they created, the group of the students of the 1st Lyceum, has been qualified for the 10 – student groups of the program “Virtual Business” to compete in the final PanHellenic competition for the “Best Virtual Business 2017” that will take place on April 28, 2017, at Iphigenia Hall, “THEATRON”, at the Cultural Center “Hellenic Cosmos”.


We, at KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES feel great joy to be among the sponsors of this amazing effort and we wish Good luck in the finals!

“My Education” is an online platform for the search and evaluation of educational institutions in Greece and in many European cities. It also provides educators with the advantage of comparing, with charge (per byte) for the information they present, so that the stakeholders make the ideal choice.


The group consists of the following students: P. Andreadis, G. Dimitriou, A. Iosifidou, A. Cerameos, E. Kolimpianaki, D. Kyriakides, V. Mandalianou, D. Mesochoriti, G. Michailides, A. Mpourouti, K. Papanastasiou, Ch. Patsia, A. Samara, N. Symeonidou, V. Triantafillou, P. Chalimourdas, N. Chrysikos.


It is noteworthy that E. Mandoulides Schools are among the four Greek schools that have had the distinction to be Microsoft Showcase Schools for 2016-2017 for their valuable work aiming at integrating technology and innovation into the modern classroom. E. Mandoulides Schools have succeeded, through Microsoft’s innovative mobile and cloud technologies, to enhance the learning process by offering their pupils new and more personalized ways of learning by providing them with the skills of the 21st century. 



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