Attendance At The Dinner, In Honor Of The Patriarch For The 100 Years of the FING

Attendance At The Dinner, In Honor Of The Patriarch For The 100 Years of the FING

Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm participated in the official dinner organized by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece – FING to honor the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Holy Synod Bartholomew, in the context of the anniversary of 100 years of the founding of the Federation. At the event, which took place in Thessaloniki and was attended by more than 400 people, Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm participated by the presence of prominent representatives of the city’s business community and of the Firm’s top executives.

Address by Mr. Savvakis, President of FING

Mr. Savvakis, President of FING, addressed the event and stated that there are solutions for all the moral, social and financial problems as long as such be sought with understanding and with respect. With distinction and patience. In this context, he spoke about the emergence of the solidarity of the members of the FING and the successful operation of the Social Solidarity and Relief Network.

Finally, he stated thatι: “… I assure you your Holiness that our faith to the institution of the Ecumenical Patriarchate has been in the previous 100 years, is today and shall always remain in the future unwavering. As unwavering will remain the respect, honor and love of all of us towards you …”.


The speech of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

During his speech, the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew praised FING’s offer to the society of Northern Greece and the country. He then stressed that the Federation, with its foundation and its operation, sends an important message to modern society, namely that “… it is necessary to all us join in order to succeed as individuals and as a whole …”.  He then urged the members of FING to focus mainly on the social offer and wished the Federation to always walk on this tradition, becoming “… the associate of God …”  in the work of Diakonia of others.


100 Years of Federation of Industries of Northern Greece

(extracts from the introductory message of President Mr. Athanasios Savvakis)

100 years ago, nine major industrialists in Thessaloniki, “… following an exchange of thoughts on joint action in support of domestic industry …” decided to establish the “Association of Macedonian Industries” that its transformation in time is the current “Federation of Industries of Northern Greece – FING”.

The historical course of the Federation teaches us the most, through the example and the innovative thinking of these people, who worked in difficult times, with vision, with hope and with devotion to duty. It honors the bold people for what they inherited: trading ethos, co-operation spirit, investment courage, honesty, social responsibility, genuine entrepreneurial spirit …

The Federation has supported and continues to support the “right” for the whole, by removing corporatism, taking into account future developments and thus, over the years, it has been an active social partner that has always shown its adaptation to national and international developments. FING has an important role in the economic development and social reality of Thessaloniki initially, then in Northern Greece and, ultimately, of the entire country.

The legacy of previous generations and the prevailing economic and social conditions require that we first and then through us, the society, to believe in the capabilities of the North-Hellenic industry. That is why we have to work – and we will do work – harder than ever for the development and growth of the industry in Northern Greece.

It is our own promise for the future.



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