Byron Nicolaides, President of Peoplecert, awarded by the AUEB

Byron Nicolaides, President of Peoplecert, awarded by the AUEB

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the news that our friend and companion for 25 years, Byron Nicolaides, President of PeopleCert was honored with the award “Excellence of Entrepreneurship 2018” by the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Mr. Nicolaides was awarded in recognition of his successful business activity, as he managed in the midst of the financial crisis to develop PeopleCert, so that it can now carry out examinations for the certification of professional skills and operate in more than 200 countries worldwide.

The prize was awarded during the postgraduate graduation ceremony of the Postgraduate Program in Administrative Science and Technology, by Mr. George Lekakos, Associate Professor at the University of Economics and Business, in the presence of prominent academics, including professors George Doukidis, Georgios Xylomenos, Ioannis Nikolaou and Ioannis Mourtos.


Peoplecert: A World Leader in Qualification Certification

The award was in recognition of Nikolaidis’s efforts to expand the professional qualification testing company in the midst of the Greek crisis and develop it into a company that is active in more than 200 countries today and employs more than 320 people.

Professor Lekakos, while introducing Mr. Nicolaides, referred to the “other Greece of creation” that excels abroad as well as to the entrepreneurial route of the chairman of PeopleCert: “When the country was in the grip of the economic crisis, Mr. Nicolaides managed to pull his company out of the swirl of Greek economic reality, turning all its dynamics abroad. He has fully internationalized it in 2008, spreading its activity, which is now being shown in more than 200 countries, where millions of tests are conducted in 25 languages. And all this while preserving the company’s capacity in Greece, where today more than 320 people are employed. Mr. Nicolaides from his headquarters in the center of Athens has transformed PeopleCert into a world leader in conducting examinations and certifying human resources qualifications”.

Mr. Lekakos concluded: “We honor Mr. B. Nicolaides because he is one of the few known cases of entrepreneurs who, in the midst of the crisis of the Greek economy, created in Athens an internationally successful company”.

The Key Elements Of Success

Addressing the graduates of the postgraduate program of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Mr. Byron Nicolaides made the mark of business in Greece and abroad, through the experience of his company’s route internationally, with the following statement: “The main component of the success was and remains the teamwork in conjunction with the four principles: Quality, Innovation, Passion and Integrity that govern every action not only of the administration but of all the company’s personnel”.

PeopleCert’s president urged young scientists, no matter what they do, to remain committed to their goal, not to hesitate to chase their dreams, to have flexibility and adaptability: “The only way to do your job perfectly is to love what you are doing”, Mr. Nicolaides said and underlined: ”Remember the three alpha- first letters of the following words in Greek: Love (in Greek: Agapi), passion for what you do, Confidence (in Greek: Aftopepithisi) , trust in your strengths, your abilities, and Integrity (in Greek Akeraiotita). Integral people are complete people”.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Nicolaides stressed that “being awarded by an important “lighthouse of knowledge”, such as the University of Economics and Business, is a contribution to highlighting the certification of skills as a factor that adds value to companies”.


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