Tax planning

We understand that tax issues affect businesses, their owners and the transactions and projects they’re working on. Tax plays an important part in commercial decision-making. It can mean the difference between a business or project failing or being a success.

Our team of tax advisors works across the sectors to provide clear, prompt, actionable direction on a range of tax matters.  We work closely with our tax specialists and  in partnership with our clients’ other advisers  in order to get you the best tax advice, through whatever means This includes advice on the structuring and execution of transactions and strategic tax planning. By being involved in transactions at an early stage, we play an important role in structuring the transaction and assisting our clients to minimise the risk of unanticipated exposures and helping them to maximise outcomes.

Our team of collaborating experts has particular experience in the following areas:

  • transactions including disposals, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • tax planning including: inward and outward investment, holding and financing structures and group reorganisations
  • investigations and litigation
  • indirect tax
  • transfer pricing
  • remuneration planning
  • corporate income tax
  • cross-border financing
  • international tax law
  • structured, project and asset finance