Crisis management

Every company faces the possibility of being engulfed by a sudden crisis. Contingency planning won’t prevent a crisis, but having established processes in place will help. In a major crisis, detailed planning and a dedicated response team greatly reduce any possible conflict between your handling of the crisis and your legal obligations.

We can advise on the early critical actions common to all crises, and the governance, communication and legal pitfalls to avoid. We are there whether it is the actions of a rogue employee, a dawn raid, a liquidity crisis, a product recall, a significant fraud, an accident, press attack or collapse of a key supplier – anything that can threaten your business – or even the continued existence of your company.

The effective legal adviser can be pivotal to managing and containing issues like these efficiently and before a crisis hits, in thinking ahead: this is as much about prevention as a cure. And when the crisis is over, we can help you move your business forward and ensure that ‘big picture’ issues are tackled.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • ensure the right information is available to decision makers
  • ensure an accurate and consistent narrative is provided throughout by PR and communications representatives
  • support and assist with any internal investigations or dawn raids
  • provide necessary legal advice as to the board and management’s reporting responsibilities with an eye to collateral impacts and
  • liaise with relevant regulators.

Practice Areas