EduTailors: Meet Your Match!

EduTailors: Meet Your Match!

It is with great pleasure that we recently read the interview of Dimitris Mandoulides, who presented the EDUTAILORS e-learning platform to RELOAD GREECE. It is an e-learning platform for students, who are (through it) able to connect with top trainers and receive personalized preparation courses. The presentation reveals the sources of trust and the EDUTAILORS solution.

Mr Madoulides states, inter alia, that (…) “pupils and students have great benefits from hiring a trainer through the platform. As in other countries, virtual learning will evolve and become more popular in Greece. E-learning platforms offer (a) more options, (b) more flexibility as students can choose a teacher upon request, (c) 24/7 lessons, (d) better understanding as they can see the content and the lesson again and again and (e) more free time, as students and parents save time from going to tutors” (…)”.


Training solution for the entire Greek territory and Diaspora

As noted by the columnist, “The family background (Mandoulides Schools) offered Dimitris a broad understanding of the issues of the Greek educational system and, as he states, “Greece is a very concentrated country where 40% of its citizens live in a city (world record) and 25% of its GDP is produced in Athens. This creates territorial issues and a strong demographic problem – Greek students living in islands and rural areas do not have the same abilities as students in Athens. The Greeks who live in Diaspora do not have access to local Greek teachers who can teach them the Greek language”.

In an old interview, George Papadrosou, member of the Edutailors team, noted: “We know that in London and New York, for example, there is a lack of good Greek schools due to the high cost of real estate. Hence, we are expecting a feedback from Greeks abroad who want to teach their children Greek using teachers who have the Greek language as a mother language”.


A solution for teachers

This model of education, its creators say, will benefit many educators who in recent years have either been looking for a job or want to make up for their low earnings. “Every year in our country more than 5,000 teachers graduate, who cannot find a job in schools. For the last ten years, there has not been a recruitment by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP), while at the same time private schools have restrictions on the choice of their staff”, Dimitris Mandoulides said. “These teachers at most resort to tutorials, with salaries starting at 5-6 euros per hour. Through our platform, they will be able to determine the price at which they will charge each lesson per hour. We will receive the 20% of that amount”, he explains.

“E-learning will inevitably increase the average salary of teachers as well as the respect for the profession, and teachers will be able to live locally while work globally”.


The Mission of EDUTAILORS

The mission of EduTailors is to provide the best possible education to all students at such a cost that they will not be forced to choose between their financial stability and the ability of their children to develop. EduTailors provides online courses to Greek pupils. The lessons are either tuitions given privately or in group with a livestreaming or recorded video. The technology allows remarkable teachers to be brought together with students from all over the world with full transparency and evaluation, which according to educational research leads to better results.

You can read the entire presentation here or visit the website of the platform.


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