Legal Support of Greek-Chinese Union

Legal Support of Greek-Chinese Union

KOUMENTAKIS & ASSOCIATES was appointed as Legal Consultant of the Greek-Chinese Union for the Promotion of Investments and Partnerships.

At a recent event that was held in Thessaloniki, the President Mr. Dimitris Samaras announced the establishment of the Union and its goals to develop cooperation in many areas, mainly in tourism, culture, education, trade, food processing industry and infrastructure.

The role of the Union

The Union expects to play a strong role in the “marriage” of Greek and Chinese and to this direction organizes various meetings in Thessaloniki and throughout Northern Greece and plans meetings in Athens with ministers and financial institutions. Supportive to this direction will be the decision of Helexpo to define China as the guest country at the next International Exhibition of Thessaloniki. In this context, the Union intends to bring many Chinese entrepreneurs as exhibitors.

High potential

Optimistic about the future of the relations appeared the Chinese businessman and Vice President of the Greek-Chinese Union, Ms. Betty Xu. She considers that the bilateral relations in the next decade will present much more fruitful results. “The Greek-Chinese cooperation has been developed rapidly in various areas demonstrating a brilliant perspective”, said the young entrepreneur who added emphatically that “there are many Chinese who want to invest in Greece.”



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